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VAX-D Table Accessories

Update your equipment with new accessories for your VAX-D Table. We recommend that patients receive their own Miami J or Vista TX Collars instead of reusing old ones. Always use VAX-D approved accessories to provide the best quality treatment and highest safety for your patients.

image004Kool-Breeze Face Pillow
Base with fan included

Untitled-2Kool-Breeze Fitted Disposable Face Pillow Covers
50 Count.

image003Underarm Posts
A Comfortable Alternative to Handgrips.

100_0068Passive Restraints
A Comfortable Alternative to Handgrips.

image001Pelvic Harness
(X-Small, Small, Med, Lg, Stout)
$150 - $175


VAX-D TV Commercials (30/60 Sec)
Tagged with your information.

image002VAX-D Rubber Non-Slip Chest Pad

Untitled-1Cervical Collars
(X-Small, Small, Med. Lg, Stout)
$99 - $109

image005Manual Handgrips
Maintenance Free


Soft-Foam Cover for Handgrips
2 Count